Doug & Maryann

    doug and maryann



    MaryAnn, like they call the show, is Hometown. Born here, educated here, Cardinal Mooney and YSU and has always lived in K Country. She did “curl” cones at Dairy Queen, but her first actual real job is where she is now…at K 105. she enjoys the music she plays. Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris might top the list. Off work time joys are This is Us, Seinfeld reruns, walks at Mill Creek Park, family time and Vacationing ! She has actually been to places that do not speak the English language. That probably does help her to understand some of the stuff That comes out of Doug’s mouth. Thank you so much for starting your day with K 105. We’ll try and help start off your day the right way

    Doug like MaryAnn is Hometown. He graduated from the same school his parents and kids did. Springfield Local (Go Tigers!) Even as a little kid he had the radio bug. Using cardboard boxes to build a play radio studio in his room. Doug bounced around at different jobs for a few years. In other words he was fired often. First radio job was with an AM station playing Big Band and Polka. Not his favorite, but at least he was on the radio. It took a few years but got lucky and landed at a place I dreamed of as a little guy, a station playing music I love



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