Dan + Shay are Rocking Around the Christmas Tree with Mariah Carey

Dan + Shay are Rocking Around the Christmas Tree with Mariah Carey

Dan + Shay kept themselves pretty busy going into this holiday season by releasing not one, but two new Christmas songs, “Christmas Isn’t Christmas” and “Take Me Home For Christmas.”

The new tracks are quickly becoming Christmas favorites with fans.

Dan Smyers admits that his favorite holiday tune to rock around the Christmas tree with isn’t by a country artist, but it is one of the most popular holiday tracks around, “My favorite Christmas song, I might scare a couple of people away because it’s not a traditional Christmas song…but it’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey.”

Dan thinks the song is perfect for any party soundtrack, “That song is awesome, every time you put it on at a party and all your friends are drinking eggnog…that song is just the jam.” He also thinks it doesn’t have to be just a Christmas party to break out the song, “Every time, even if you play it in July, if you play it in September, it gets people fired up and in the spirit every single time you hear it.”

All we want for Christmas now is a Dan + Shay and Mariah Carey duet.

Until that happens, here’s one of the two new Dan + Shay Christmas songs for this year, check out the music video for “Take Me Home For Christmas”  right here…

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell


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